Synopsis of Rainbow of Love

Rainbow of Love

Hallo, my dearest readers!

I (finally) published my own novel. Thank God! The title is “Rainbow of Love”, you can call it “RoL” as well. I was so happy when I finally finished the story. So many people asked me what “Rainbow of Love” is all about. Here some clues: love, romance, family, drama. Now this is the summary of the story: 🙂

“Rainbow of Love” is the story of a 26 years old girl named Anna. Anna seems have a normal life, with a job as an art teacher in elementary school. However, everyone has a secret. Secret that they keep for themselves and God.

When his parents died 9 years ago, Anna made ​​a mistake by leaving his half brother who was just a baby and haven’t even had a birth certificate. She’s highly regret her mistake and never live her life without guilt since she abandoned her half brother.

Anna decides to end her misery… She wants to make it right. She ready to take her responsibility for her biggest mistake. When Anna returns to the orphanage to pick up her half brother, it turns out his brother has been adopted by a doctor who has just divorced his wife.

Anna give up. And, she tries to let the secret go from her life. Until the new school year at the school begin… Anna meets 9-year-old student named Evan who turned out to be her half brother, and her new student.

Anna back on her mission to pay the price for what she did 9 years ago. Anna wants to get to know Evan. The only problem is… The man who adopt Evan is very protective and hard to forgive people who have been abandoned Evan.

Anna’s scared, but she doesn’t want to give up . She tries so hard to get close Evan, even though she has to hide his identity.

So, that’s the summary of RoL. Well, it’s a fiction. And I’m not saying Anna is me, but I should admit that… We do have a lot in common. Feelings, thoughts, hobby. And Tommy is the kind of man who I’d love to marry. A guy who knows what he wants, a hard-worker.

Well, I hope now you’re interested to read my novel. You can find the book at the Gramedia bookstore, or you can order it from @buku_plus via Twitter, or… You can order it from me! Free shipping, and you’ll get my autograph! Just mention to my Twitter account: @NikiZulfah 😉

Happy reading,

Niki Zulfah


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