Meet The Authors

Hello, everyone! This is a super late report, but I need to write this.

So, “Rainbow of Love” was officially published on September 2013. On October 2013, I got an opportunity to promote “Rainbow of Love” at International Islamic High School, my alma mater. They held an event called “Meet The Authors” and I was invited to be one of the speakers. I was accompanied by Mr. Ian, my former teacher who already published his own books. I was so glad I can introduce my novel and myself as a new writer to my juniors. I didn’t expect anything.

I couldn’t believe they bought my novel and asked for my autograph! I couldn’t believe that… I was, and still, just a new writer for God’s sake! How can I ever thank them for that opportunity? They’re so nice and kind. Thank You, God.

Here are some pictures from those sweet moments:



Thank you,

Niki Zulfah


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